Posted by: Elizabeth | January 5, 2010

First Christmas Photos

The twelve days of Christmas are almost over – can you believe it?  We still have our tinsel tree up in our living room and our nativity set (with wise men who apparently came a bit early) in the dining room, but they will come down tomorrow (if I remember to take them down).  It’s been a good holiday season, though I must say my heart is heavy for friends who are grieving as we begin 2010.

But there are still cute photos to share from Christmas!  We had a gorgeous Christmas Eve service at church, complete with circling outside with candles in the cold to sing Silent Night and Joy to the World.  It was so neat to be able to share such an amazing moment of hope and joy with our tiny girl.  Of course, Christmas Eve service started at about the time that we normally start the bedtime routine, so Caroline ended up staying up a LOT later than usual.  We hoped this would translate to a lot later wake-up time, and for our Christmas gift Caroline offered us an extra 30 minutes of sleep!  It was the best gift a mom could have asked for, especially since in years to follow I imagine we’ll be getting up much earlier on Christmas mornings…

We waited for my sister to arrive before opening gifts, so we went through our regular morning routine when we got up, and we didn’t actually do the Christmas gifts opening until after Caroline’s morning nap.  It was a nice way to ease into the holiday. :)

Good morning!  Merry Christmas!

Did someone say there were gifts?!

Sweet girl working on her crawling skills (not quite there)

Who needs gifts when you have wrapping paper?

Nanny Stephanie gave Caroline these hairbows. They are ADORABLE.

Caroline hasn't quite mastered the self-portrait yet...

Sitting amongst the loot

Love. This. Face.

I soooo wish this was clearer.

"Uh, yes? Can I help you?"

More to come: videos from Christmas, photos from the week after and New Year’s Eve, and hopefully soon a video of Caroline’s latest trick: going from sitting to hands-and-knees and back to sitting.  Sure to be followed by crawling, no?


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