Posted by: Elizabeth | January 2, 2010

Catching Up – Best of 2009

So, I failed at the blog-on-the-best-of-2009-every-day challenge.  But I didn’t have much to say on the last ones, anyway.  So here’s a catch-up:

25. Best Gift:What’s a gift you gave yourself this year that has kept on giving? This is a tough one.  Obviously the best gift in my life in 2009 was Baby Caroline.  Hands down.  But did I give that gift to myself?  Not so much.  That was as much Steven as me (which is clear if you look at the kid’s face!).  What did I give to myself?  Maybe permission to be less than perfect.  It’s a gift that must be given repeatedly.  But a gift nonetheless.

26.  Best insight or aha! moment: What was your epiphany of the year? No matter how fantastic my parenting skills, I cannot make my child turn out in any particular way.  There’s a huge chunk of genetics and outside-my-control cultural influences and all kinds of other things playing a role.  So I best chill out and enjoy the ride and just love her the best I can.  Chances are, she’s going to turn out okay.

27.  Best social web moment: Did you meet someone you used to only know from her blog? Did you discover Twitter? Uh, no.  I did START blogging regularly, which has been wonderful.  And I’ve started reading lots of other blogs, which has been great.  And I have started twittering.  You can even follow me on twitter by clicking a link on this blog.

28.  Best stationery: When you touch the paper, your heart melts. The ink flows from the pen. What was your stationery find of the year? Custom notecards from with Baby C’s photo on them.  :)

29.  Best laugh: What was your biggest belly laugh of the year? Is it lame if I say it was while watching The Office?

30.  Best Ad: What advertisement made you think this year? I don’t remember.

31.  Best resolution from 2009: Resolution you wish you’d stuck with. I don’t really remember these, either.  I’m sure I resolved to work out more and eat better.  And I probably didn’t.  So maybe I’ll do that this year.  But yearly resolutions are really too big for me to handle, anyway.  It seems like a much better idea to me to set some goals at the beginning of each month.  Or each week.  Or heck, each day.

Okay.  Maybe one of my first 2010 resolutions will be to keep up with the blog.  There’s a lot of baby stuff to post from the last few weeks: first Christmas, first New Year’s, first ride in a shopping cart, first time in a restaurant high chair, and the move to the big-girl carseat.  Plus grandparents are coming in a few short days, so there will likely be lots more blog-worthy adventures coming up. :)

Be well.


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