Posted by: Elizabeth | December 17, 2009

Best of 2009: Tea and Word

Is it lame that when I write “tea and…” I want to end the phrase with “sympathy”?

Missed doing this last night.  I was on my way home from a church meeting and a crazy (or majorly distracted) person ran a red light without even slowing down RIGHT in front of me… I hit my brakes hard enough that my briefcase, which had been sitting on the seat behind me, slammed into the back of my seat and left me in a great deal of discomfort and with a bruise on my back.  Note to self: always put briefcase on the floor.  So I spent last evening lying on the couch with ice on my back.

I’m thankful that I didn’t hit the crazy lady in the SUV, but am still wishing she had noticed the stop light.  And it would have been great if, after almost causing a very serious crash, she had slowed down or waved to say “sorry!” or SOMETHING that acknowledged the havoc she was wreaking, intentionally or otherwise.  But no, she just kept on driving in her distracted, hurried way.

In other news, Caroline now has TWO teeth.  She’s still a bit cranky and refuses to crawl (when we try to get her to practice, she screams “Mama, mama, mama…” in a very sad voice until we pick her up… though she rocks on her hands and knees quite a bit when she thinks we aren’t looking…), but she’s still pretty darned great.

And that leads me to the Best of 2009 for yesterday and today…

16. Tea of the Year: I can taste my favorite tea right now. What’s yours? The year started with lots of Tazo Green Ginger.  I started drinking that when I had terrible morning sickness last fall, and tried to keep it up through pregnancy so I didn’t flood the baby with too much caffeine.  But now I hate it.  I feel nauseated every time I smell the stuff.  [As such, if anyone wants some, we have almost a whole box in our pantry that you are welcome to!]  Then, when Caroline seemed like she was going to stay in utero forever, I drank a ton of Raspberry Leaf Tea, which didn’t cause labor contractions at all, but was quite tasty, so I continued that through much of breastfeeding.  I can’t say that’s my favorite, either, though.  My all time favorite, which I can smell right now if I try, is just a good Rooibos.  When I smell it freshly brewed, I can see myself sitting in the gorgeous breakfast room at the Four Rosmead in Capetown with a fresh pot of tea and a beautiful breakfast, ready for a day of whale-watching or sight-seeing in town.  I’m willing to bet Rooibos will always be my favorite tea!

17.  Word or PhraseA word that encapsulates your year. “2009 was full.


  1. Jonah crawled around 8.5 months. She will do it in time and then you won’t know what hit you. Better start the baby proofing if you haven’t already!!

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