Posted by: Elizabeth | December 12, 2009


We’ve had all kinds of discussions about whether or not to do Santa.  Part of me is totally against it: at its worst, it’s lying to our kids, giving in to the consumerist annexation of a high holy day, inviting greediness, etc… And when you think of it, the whole “an old fat man sneaks into my house while I’m sleeping” idea is a wee bit creepy.  But at his best, Santa is a beautiful representation of the spirit of giving, generosity, and joy.  And it’s fun.  And, of course, we don’t want to be the family that ruins Santa for all the other families – I can just see the confrontations at PTA…

We may change our minds later, but we figure we’ve got a little leeway this year, since Caroline is probably not going to remember anything we do this Christmas.  So yesterday morning Caroline and I bundled up and headed down to the downtown Nordstrom to get in line for Santa.  I had heard that the line could be several hours long, and if it’s more than 90 minutes or so, the wait is OUTSIDE, where our high temperatures have been barely above freezing.  Luckily, we got there pretty early in the morning and we were in and out in under an hour.  Caroline had a grand time, and was perfectly enamored with Santa.  I’m still waiting for the “official” photos (which I’ll pick up next week), but the few snapshots I got with our camera are pretty cute.  Enjoy!

Happy girl on Santa's knee

Caroline, meet Santa. Santa, this is Caroline.

Close up. :)


  1. I think I’ve figured out which distinctive features make Caroline especially cute. Of course, she’s adorable all over, but she has an especially beautiful mouth–it’s tiny!–and excellently expressive eyebrows. Just precious. Great dress!!

    Such a fun little girl, I can tell! Say, I have a sweet, cute, double-chinned little boy–maybe they can go on a date one day. :)

    • She is definitely counting on a date with Holden. He is a doll! I love his little smile. And double chins are all the rage these days. He’s just setting the trend.

      Yes, I think Caroline’s tiny mouth is pretty darned cute. Add in her eyebrows and she’s kind of irresistible. What did we do for fun before we had cute babies?!

  2. She handled that like a champ! Sweet photos, Elizabeth.

  3. Oh, my gosh. Those pictures are so good it’s painful. What a cute little dress! And a good Santa, too. Precious, dude. Precious.

  4. I am with you on the whole Santa thing. Thomas and I don’t really like the whole idea of lying to our kids about it. Unfortunately they talk about it at pre-school. We actually don’t mention it much and have made a point to not use the whole naughty-nice thing as a discipline tactic. We have been playing with Jonah’s fisher price nativity set and try and emphasize to him what christmas is really about (a little hard for a 3 year old to really get it). what he does understand is that it is a birthday so we will have cake for baby jesus on christmas day.

  5. okay, glad you brought this up. I thought I might be over thinking this. Or maybe, I am but am in good company.

    But Santa Claus is fake, easter bunny is fake, tooth fairy is fake… but Jesus is real? How’s that going to go?

    But I guess I don’t have to worry about it for a few years.

    But I wonder if explaining St. Nick would help kids separate Santa from Christmas, without explicitly saying Santa isn’t real. Instead say, Santa Claus is a representation of St. Nick that celebrates his generous nature. Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birthday.

    But I got at least a year to figure it out.

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