Posted by: Elizabeth | December 10, 2009


Caroline has a tooth!  Well, I guess she probably has many teeth, but she has one that we can see.  Only we can’t really see it very well, because she’s humble and doesn’t like to show it off.  The other front bottom tooth looks like it could poke through any moment, so hopefully there’ll be a cute toothy photo in the near future.  Our little girl is growing up!!

For today’s Best of 2009 entry:

10. Album of the year. What’s rocking your world? Wow.  Um, I can’t say I’ve bought an album in a really long time.  When I open the “recently added” playlist in my iTunes, there’s nothing there.  I guess I’ve been focused on some other things.  I have made a fantastic musical discovery this year, though:  Amazing.  I have no idea how they know what music you like, but they do.  My favorite stations are Indigo Girls Radio and Derek Webb Radio.  There’s also a Derek Webb Holiday station, and I’m getting excited about turning that on pretty soon (trying to hold out until we’re a bit closer to Christmas!).


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