Posted by: Elizabeth | December 7, 2009


Figgy Pudding

[Did you know if you search for “carolers” in google images, you get thousands of pictures of folks in Dickensian costumes?  Is anyone else surprised buy that?]

We’ve talked quite a bit in our PEPS group about family traditions, especially around the holidays.  Steven and I don’t have a lot of traditions just yet, but we’d like to have some for Caroline.  One thing we did (kind of on accident) this year was go to Seattle’s annual “Figgy Pudding” Street Corner Caroling Competition.  It’s a huge festival that benefits Pike Market Senior Center.  Dozens of groups enter the contest and stand on the sidewalk on a few closed-to-traffic blocks downtown, and they just sing while folks mill about and vote for their favorite or move in and out of downtown retail stores.  Some of the groups have elaborate costumes or dances to go along with their selections.  It was freezing this year, so we couldn’t keep C out too long, but she got bundled up in her warmest clothes and enjoyed the view from the stroller.  I’d like to do this every year, I think.  Maybe make it a family tradition.  [Disclaimer: the reason we were out was not exactly to see the carolers; it was to attend the grand opening of Chipotle in downtown Seattle.  But the caroling was at the same time, so it worked out!]

What are your favorite family traditions around the holidays?


  1. we always gathered as a family on Christmas Eve before the youngest kids went to bed. My dad or grandpa would read the Christmas story from Luke. We still do it every year, even if it’s just Audie and I.

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