Posted by: Elizabeth | December 6, 2009

Under the Weather and Other Excuses

Well, my first excuse for neglecting the blog is that we have all been under the weather at some point in the last month.  Thankfully, we all seem to have avoided the dreaded swine flu (knock on wood), but a nasty cold has captured all of us at one point or another.  Steven had it a few weeks ago.  Caroline’s started last Tuesday, when our nanny called us to say she was screaming and wouldn’t stop.  First huge scare (with related imagining of a long night in the ER) of parenthood.  Turns out when you have phlegm stuck in your throat for the first time and it causes you some breathing trouble, it’s incredibly frightening.  Once our tiny girl figured out she could cough it up, she was good to go.

She gave me the cold a few days later, and while she got over it incredibly quickly, it lingered in my system a bit longer.  I managed to call in sick on a Sunday for the first time, and am thankful that my senior pastor was willing to read the sermon I had prepared for the day.

And now we’re all back to the picture of health.  :) So where do I begin to update you?

Caroline is growing and changing faster than I can record!  First, her 6-month stats:

  • weight: 18 pounds even – down to the 86th percentile.
  • height: 28.25 inches – length has slowed down a bit, but still in the 95th percentile and looking incredibly long.
  • head circumference: 44.4 cm – 90th percentile

She’s doing just great.  We have just begun our adventure into the world of solid foods.  On Thanksgiving, Caroline got her first taste of cereal.  She didn’t love it, to say the least.  Here’s a little video (not the most exciting and it takes a while to load (didn’t know Steven was videoing that entire time) but some definite cuteness):

We kept practicing for a week, and she eventually started eating the cereal off my finger, but never off the spoon.  So this week we traded out the cereal for some sweet potatoes.  Basically she had nothing against solid foods: she was just holding out for something that tastes better. :)

Lovin' me some sweet potatoes

She’s got another new trick which I LOVE.  She basically has 95% control over her pacifier.  Much of the time she can even find it in her crib in the middle of the night.  It’s AWESOME.

Talk about self-soothing.  It’s great.

Another first, thanks to a suggestion from our friends from PEPS: park swings.  I’ve always wondered why those park swings have four leg holes in them, and now I know why!  It’s for TWO babies back-to-back.  Check this out:

So fun. :)

Have I mentioned lately how grateful we are for our PEPS group?  Those other parents make such a huge difference in our life as a family.  It’s so wonderful to have friends at the same place we are to share challenges and victories and little milestones.  And they’re such cool people!  We are sad that there are only two more official meetings, but we’re hopeful that the group will continue to get together for years to come.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family: 14 grown-ups and 9 kids at Steven’s sister’s house.  Baby C wasn’t feeling awesome so she and I mostly sad in a recliner in the living room and let the busy-ness run around us.  It was such a great reminder of one of the biggest reasons we moved here: to be with family!  Here’s an attempt at a photo of all of us (stolen from Lauren’s facebook page):

The whole gang

Other things Caroline does now: she sits up like a champ.  No problem.  Very little falling on her face these days.  She’s also figured out that she can roll from back to front AND from front to back, so she has started putting that together to get across the room.  Crawling looks like it may come soon.  She also talks all the time.  And she’s loud.  No real words yet, and she only inadvertently says “Mama” when she’s upset, but we hear a lot of BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA and a-kee and other random phrases.  She also has a screech/squeal that’s really high-pitched.  The way I wake up most mornings is hearing her talk to herself in her crib.  She’s amazingly good-natured still: she can play by herself, she smiles at just about everyone, and she hardly ever cries.  She really is just amazing!  We are so excited ot celebrate Christmas with her this year!

Here are a few more pics to brighten your day:

Playing at home

Napping with the bum in the air

Fun in the tub


Bunny ears and holding the toes

Having fun with her baby

Here's lookin' at you, kid.



  1. fun updates!
    hey, what kind of camera do you have? i’m saving for a nice camera….what do you recommend?

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