Posted by: Elizabeth | November 21, 2009


Okay.  The little princess is taking a nap, so I have a few moments to finally post a bit about our trip last weekend!

We had a grand time in Texas.  I was quite stressed about taking Baby C on the airplane all by myself (more precisely, stressed about getting all our stuff through security all by myself), but I rehearsed it at least a dozen times in my mind and spent about 4 hours planning and packing the night before, and all went well!  In fact, I must have been more prepared than I thought, because the morning we left I accidentally got ready 45 minutes early.  I hate when that happens, especially when 45 minutes early is at 4:15 a.m.  Oh, well… I had a nice breakfast.

We got through security NO PROBLEM.  The TSA people were even HELPFUL.  I know!  Crazy!  I was worried about taking liquid formula through, but I just “declared” that I had it before putting it in the bin to go through the x-ray machine, and no one seemed to care at all.  I’ve heard so many horror stories from moms who had to throw it out!  I should have taken a photo of our organized selves marching through the airport, but that was one thing too many, so you’ll just have to imagine: baby in Bjorn on my chest (still in her footie pajamas… it was an early flight…), backpack full of diaper-bag contents on my back, carseat with base attached on my arm.

Tiny Girl was so excited to go on the plane, she couldn’t really sleep.  This led to some fussiness later, but she was a perfect angel on the flight.  Really, she couldn’t have been better. I just got out a new toy for her to play with every 30-45 minutes and she acted like, “Wow, cool!  Thanks, mom!” even though they were all the same toys she plays with at home.  She ate a little, she slept a very little, she changed clothes (out of the footie pajamas), we danced and sang some songs, and we made it to DFW without a bit of crying or screaming. :)

Waiting for our Flight

The castle at our gate!

We're going on a trip!

Happy girl in the window seat

We got to the hotel early afternoon after driving through Chick-Fil-A for some nuggets and taking a quick peek at all the new construction at SMU.  Mamaw (Steven’s mom) met us there and had lots of helpful baby stuff that she brought from her house.  The next 48 hours were a blur, as I came in and out of the hotel room where Mamaw and Caroline were playing and spent the rest of the time in the big ballrooms where Exploration was taking place.  The conference was fantastic.  Saw some great friends, participated in fantastic worship, and felt really renewed despite the lack of sleep.

Little princess lounging in the hotel room

With our good friends the Chanceys in Dallas

Perhaps the highlight of the weekend (in addition to the great worship, of course), was Caroline’s first college football game!  We made it through an entire half at Gerald J. Ford Stadium watching the Mustangs beat the UTEP Miners.  So much fun!

Showing our Mustang pride

Go Mustangs!

All this football can wear a girl out... Caroline napped like this for about an hour...


After Exploration ended on Sunday, we got our Tex-Mex on at Chuy’s (yum!), then walked a couple blocks to make room for some Wild About Harry’s .  Caroline managed to sleep through Chuy’s, but wanted to try some custard at WAH.  She managed to get at least four of her little fingers in my coffee custard with oreos on it, but thankfully she doesn’t know yet that she should put those fingers directly in her mouth!  So she mostly just wiped it all over my shirt.  Oh, well.

After Harry’s, we headed out to Hughes Springs to see where Caroline’s dad was born and raised.  She had a great time hanging out with Mamaw and Grandpa and meeting lots of new people.  Then we came back to Seattle on Tuesday night.  I was not so worried about getting through security the second time around, but I was a bit concerned about the actual flight, as Caroline had been off her nap schedule (and not sleeping through the night) for five whole days.  She did great, though!  We ended up with two bulkhead seats on the side of the plane with only two seats.  It was PERFECT.  Again, she slept some, ate some, we played and danced and sang some songs… and then we were in Seattle and Steven was there to pick us up!  It’s so great to be home and back on a regular schedule, and also so great to know that Caroline’s a great traveler should we need to go somewhere else. :)

Big Girl on the Couch at Mamaw and Grandpa's

I love my Mamaw!

Getting some love from Mommy

Showing off for Grandpa

More photos coming soon – she’s 6 months old today!!  Can you believe it?!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

See you next time!

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