Posted by: Elizabeth | November 8, 2009

From half a world away

Caroline (and her parents) had the incredible privilege this weekend of spending time with Rev. Peter Storey.  If you read our blog a few years ago when we took our trip to South Africa, Peter was the amazing South African native (and Duke professor) who invited us to travel with him, his wife Elizabeth, and two other marvelous couples on the trip of a lifetime.  You can read more about that here if you’re interested.

Peter and his son, Rev. Alan Storey, were in Seattle this week for some speaking and preaching engagements, and we got to hang out with Peter during some of his free time on Saturday!  Such a privilege.  Caroline took to him instantly, and kept trying to hold his hand and eat his doughnut while we drank hot beverages next to Alki Beach on a beautiful, if cold, afternoon.

She may not realize yet just how momentous this meeting was, or how amazing this relationship is, but we have at least this one photo to show her!

Steven Caroline and Peter

On Alki Beach

[I must say I’m impressed with my cell phone camera!  You can even see the space needle over Caroline’s head…]

Caroline is doing great.  She’s getting a bit more regular in her schedule and taking fewer (only three!) but longer naps most days.  And she works hard while she’s awake!  She is hardly ever still and is interested in EVERYTHING.  She has recently discovered that she can put her toes in her mouth, and she thinks that’s pretty fun (though I think it’s pretty gross… try not to think about it too much).  And she can sit up on her own for about 30 seconds!  Of course, when I tried to video her sitting up this evening she kept toppling over.  I guess she doesn’t want to brag.  She can also roll over from her belly to her back now, so if she ever put it together in both directions she could really move.  And she’s starting to stand for a little while with support.  It won’t be long before she’s mobile, I’m afraid.

She continues to be absolutely delightful.  She’s the smiley-est baby I have ever seen.

We’re getting ready for Caroline’s first plane flight on Friday, headed to the Big D!  Texas, here we come.  Pray that she does well on the plane.  And that I can schlep all of her stuff through security without getting cursed at. :)



  1. You are one week late for homecoming! hope wesley and caroline can meet sometime soon.

  2. Have you ever read mighty girl? She is super. And this is a post I filed away in my brain under “someday this could be helpful.” For what it’s worth…

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