Posted by: Elizabeth | November 5, 2009

A Big Bed

Caroline is what you might call an active sleeper.  She is not one of those babies that lies perfectly still all night long.  She rolls over from her back to her belly to her back to her belly and somehow scoots herself from one end and side of the crib to the other.  She often wakes up with her head on the opposite end of how we put her down – somehow she’s spun around in her sleep.

I was thinking recently that it’s a good thing she’s so little so she doesn’t bump into anything during all this movement.  Then I started wondering how big MY bed would have to be to give me as much freedom to roll around as Caroline has.  Here are the numbers:

  • Caroline’s bed is about 28″ x 52″ for 1456 sq. in.
  • My current queen size bed (which I share with another person) is 60″ x 80″ for 4800 sq. in.
  • For me to have the room that Caroline has my bed would need to be 70.5″ x 131″ for 9235.5 sq. in.  That would be 5’10.5″ x 10’11”.

That’s a big bed.  Maybe about the size of our whole room.  It sounds fun, though, until you have to change the sheets…

In other news, pictures!


Another cute sleeping baby photo. This is not the way we put her down...

Yes, yes, I know you’re not supposed to put anything in the crib with a sleeping baby, which means Mr. Penguin there is not allowed.  But sometimes if she wakes up a little early in the morning she’ll just play for a while if there’s something to play with and I get a little more time, so…

Here are a couple of shots from our first walk with the big-girl stroller (sans carseat)!  Caroline loved being able to see everything around her (not just looking up at her mom like usual).  I had to tighten the little straps ALL THE WAY to keep her in there, but it worked!


Our first walk in the big-girl stroller (sans carseat)!


My view on the big-girl-stroller walk

And a few more Halloween shots, including a few on our couch with some friends from PEPS!


The cookie monster!


Cookie Monster, a Sounders Star, and Snow White!


"Why didn't you want your hat on, Baby C? It totally made your outfit! Now you're just wearing a big blue thing..."



  1. I want a bed that big… I love sleeping space.

    I like how xbox little boy is looking at Carline like she ate all of the cookies!

    • I know. Wouldn’t it be fun?

      Just for the record, “xbox little boy” is a little girl. She’s wearing a Seattle Sounders (professional soccer) uniform, as her dad’s a huge fan. She has the funniest expressions, though! You’re totally right that it looks like C ate all the cookies. And knowing C, she probably did…

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