Posted by: Elizabeth | October 31, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin

I love fall!  And hopefully Caroline will love it, too.  So far so good.

Last weekend we went out to Carnation, WA to Jubilee Farm for Caroline’s first pumpkin patch visit!  We had a grand time.  Jubilee Farm is an actual working farm that has a big pumpkin patch as well as pony rides, a petting zoo, a hay maze for the little ones, a pumpkin launcher for both little and big kids (judging by the number of men who got really excited every time a pumpkin splatted on the ground after flying through the air), etc.  It was so fun!  We went with another family from our PEPS group and some of their extended family, so we had a whole crew of kids, which made it even better.  It turned out to be pretty chilly and VERY muddy that day, so we didn’t get the cute Caroline-in-the-pumpkins photos that I had envisioned (she stayed in the Bjorn the entire time), but we still had a great time.  Here are a few photos:


We made it through the hay maze! (It's behind us, if you can't tell.)

I love these!  Wish we could take them all home...

I love these!

On the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.  Caroline's under those blankets...

On the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Caroline's under those blankets.


In the pumpkin patch!


Family photo among the pumpkins


Happy girl after the pumpkin patch


It doesn't show up that great, but I love the crazy hair that results from pulling a hat off.

Since it was so cold at the pumpkin patch, Caroline didn’t really get to show off her pumpkin shirt.  So we did a little photo shoot this afternoon at home:


Apparently, pumpkins are for eating.


Where did that little pumpkin go?


Seriously loving this pumpkin.


...And it's nap time.

On Saturday we also went to the National SMU Watch Party in Seattle – the SMU alums in Seattle got together to watch what might be our only televised game all season.  It’s a tough thing, though: the only time we get on TV is when we play teams that are good enough to be on TV.  And that means we get beat.  [sigh]  The game did not go well.  Caroline was the only smart one of us: she slept through the majority of the game:


Showing Mustang pride even in her sleep.


Losing the binky.

And we had a visit on Sunday from Aunt Emily and her friend, Troy.  Caroline LOVED Troy immediately.  Wow.  He made her laugh like no other!  I only caught the tale end of her longest laughing session ever (apparently everything Troy says is hilarious), so she’s starting to get tired here, but it’s still pretty darn cute.

Then we thought we’d see what Caroline might look like if she had long blond hair.  Unfortunately, all of us had trouble sitting still because we were laughing so hard, so it’s not the highest quality video ever.

Okay, that’s it for today.  We’re looking forward to putting Caroline in her cookie monster outfit this evening for some trick-or-treating (or just for some photos).  We’ll post again soon!


  1. Caroline is soooo cute. Her laugh sounds like Baxter’s, too! She looks like an amazing sleeper – just falling asleep while watching a football game, that is great. I think Baxter will only sleep in his crib. Meaning no nap all Sunday morning long – come on kid, you’re beside yourself, you’re so tired…just close your eyes. Here, look at this picture of Caroline, see, that’s all you have to do :)

    Love the halloween costume, too!!!! How precious!!

  2. Confession: I’ve watched the video of Caroline and Troy…several times. Like…several. I just can’t get enough of it. So funny and cute.

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