Posted by: Elizabeth | October 13, 2009

Is that really necessary?

I was changing Caroline’s crib sheets the other night, and I noticed this huge sticker on the mattress:



Is a 35-year warranty really necessary for a crib mattress?  I can’t believe you’d need a crib mattress for more than 10 years, max.  I’m imagining some folks in the Sealy baby mattress meetings saying, “Darn those Serta baby mattress people – they just added a 30-year warranty to their product which is pretty much identical to ours in every way!  We’ll show them: a 35-year warranty!”  Yah.  Probably not going to cash that one in.

In other news, Caroline has Fifth Disease.  Not really a huge deal, but she has a fever and generally feels yucky, which translates to irritable and needy (wants to be held all the time).  And since she has a fever, she can’t go to her nanny share and Mom has to stay home with her!  The first of many “my kid is sick” days, I’m imagining…


  1. Guaranteed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar bought the 35 year warranty mattress because they knew they’d only buy one. Gotta make it last! 18 kids and counting!

  2. True. They probably need it for the “grandduggar,” too. I saw a stat the other day that said if all 18 duggar kids all had 18 kids, there would be more duggars than species of monkeys in the world. For some reason I think that’s so funny!

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