Posted by: Elizabeth | October 9, 2009

The Privilege of Family

One of the primary reasons we moved to Seattle was to be closer to family.  We anticipated having a child someday and wanted her to grow up near her extended family, to be friends with cousins, to rely on aunts and uncles, and to be spoiled by grandparents.  In moving, we actually made the grandparents part more difficult, as Steven’s parents still live in East Texas and mine are in Georgia.  But a grandchild has been a wonderful excuse for the grandparents to visit Seattle more often, and we are so thankful!

Last weekend we got to do a huge family dinner for Harrison’s birthday.  All together, there were three aunts, three uncles, a grandmother, two parents, and six cousins around the table.  And Caroline slept the whole time!  She never even opened her eyes to see all of those doting family members around the table.

Then throughout the week, Caroline got to spend tons of quality time with Steven’s mom as she visited from Texas.  The two even shared a room!  Betsy and Caroline had fun adventures strolling around Seattle, doing a little shopping (thanks for the adorable pink outfit, Mamaw!), bouncing, rocking, and all the fun stuff a baby could want to do.  We were so thankful for her help, especially as Steven and I had super-busy work weeks with evening commitments almost every night.

Unfortunately, we were so busy we did not take any photos of them together!  I was so sad when I realized it today…  My parents and grandparents will be here in a few weeks, and I hope we do a better job with photos next time!

Last night Aunt Emily came over for dinner with a request from Grammy to make another video for the blog.  We didn’t quite get the project finished before Caroline fell asleep, but we did the video, anyway.  Here ‘ya go, Grammy!


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