Posted by: Elizabeth | September 20, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

It cracks me up how much Caroline seems to enjoy watching college football.  She must have it in her genes!  Yesterday Caroline was cheering hard for the Mustangs (even though they weren’t on TV, which might be for the better), so we did a little photo shoot.  She was so giggly and smiley I couldn’t stop taking photos, but I’ll try not to post all 40 remarkably similar but still exceptionally cute photos here…









Unfortunately, all of this support couldn’t last.  While Caroline was cheering them on, the Mustangs were doing well against the yucky Cougs, but eventually she had to go take a nap, and SMU threw an interception in the end zone during overtime to lose the game while she was sleeping. [sigh]  Oh, well.  2-1 is certainly a better start than the last few years!  And hooray for the Huskies who beat USC yesterday!!!!!!!!  WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh. my. lord. this kid is the cutest thing EVER. i love that expression she has with the big eyes and the open mouth. this kid could be a model. you should send pics to baby gap.

  2. She is SOOO incredibly cute! Love those smiles. I’m glad her thighs fit in the bumbo…someone around here needs to lose a few rolls to make that work! ha!

  3. Photo 2 is mini-Elizabeth. Photo 4 is completely her Mommy’s “Are you kidding me?!” face. And the last one is Mr. Steven Schindler – no question.

    Precious. Thanks for the late night cuteness on the east coast.

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