Posted by: Elizabeth | September 4, 2009


I think my baby girl is trying to knit a sweater.  It’s the only explanation I can think of for the extraordinary collection of lint in this girl’s toes.  I mean, where on earth does she FIND that much lint to collect in her tiny toes every day?  The little white strings are understandable, as she always has a cloth diaper around for a burp cloth.  I don’t know where she’s finding the rest, though.  It’s extraordinary.  I should start saving it all for fire starter or to stuff a pillow for her memory box.  That’d be fun to pull out for the high school boyfriend, don’t you think?  “Here’s the photo of Caroline in her 3rd-grade play… Here’s a snipping from her first haircut… Here’s the little teddy bear she used to carry around… Oh, and here’s the pillow I made with all of her toe lint!  What good memories…”

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