Posted by: Elizabeth | September 2, 2009

Lean Cuisine

Despite all of the post-baby literature that suggests breastfeeding (and to a lesser extent, pumping) will “melt away” the leftover pregnancy pounds, my “melting away” stopped when Caroline was approximately 5 minutes old.  Okay, not really, but there are still about 15 stubborn pounds hanging around my mid-section that I would like to evict ASAP.  To aid me in this venture, I have been exercising a bit more (as often as I can get to the gym!) and getting more serious about at least 7,000 steps per day on my pedometer.  I’ve also recently enlisted the help of a certain Mrs. Lean Cuisine.

I’ve stocked the freezer at work with all kinds of tasty-sounding concoctions in hopes that these low-cal lunches will slim my mid-section in no time.  And I’ve quickly discovered why these little beauties may help people lose weight: the key is the word LITTLE.  Last week I ate a quesedilla the size of a taco.  A small taco.  I’ve now just sat down to enjoy a “pizza” about the size of my palm.  I must admit that these are very tasty little meals, but I’m guessing the calorie and fat content are no different than any other little meals: they simply help you to lose weight by starving you.  Brilliant!

Luckily, before I purchased the freezer-full of Lean Cuisines last week, I visited the local Subway sandwich shop for lunch, and there, thanks to their present Scrabble promotion, I won a coupon for a free cookie.  I am headed out for my cookie ASAP.  I anticipate it will be approximately the same size as my “pizza.”



  1. SO I had about 15 stubborn wedding bliss pounds to lose and I had to enlist the help of weight watchers. I think it’s a miracle cure–and the online thing was WAY fun and I could obsess about it at work. You can do just the online part, if you want too. Oh, and Lance Armstrong’s daily plate, does basically the same thing. In case this helps :) and it gives you some non pre-cooked meals and LARGER portions :)

  2. I would second Amanda’s post on WW, and also suggest the LC Butternut Squash – heavenly.

  3. Sorry – meant to say Ravioli … it’s Butternut Squash Ravioli.

  4. I hear ya sister! I have 13 more pounds to go and it has been much harder this second time around than the 1st. I have started running again and that is helping. Good luck!

  5. Small meals throughout the day. Have a yogurt. 3 hours later, eat a piece of fruit. Drink lots of water. 3 hours later have a LC. 3 hours later eat a handful of nuts. I tried doing the frozen meals and I found that i went home and ate a pint of ice cream and a snickers. A lil counter productive. Unless it’s Blue Bell Cookies n Cream. HEAVENLY.

  6. I am in the struggle still. I had way too much weight to lose post Conor, and nursing did not melt away the pounds. It made me hungry :)

    I use SparkPeople for calorie and exercise tracking. Weight Watchers is a great program though, and both these have help for nursing mamas.

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