Posted by: Elizabeth | August 10, 2009

Stealing an Idea

So, I have this friend.  We weren’t friends at first, though I don’t know why… but thankfully we came to our senses and got to be friends later.  And I am SO THANKFUL because she is SO FUN and is also absolutely hilarious.  I have been hoping she’d start a blog for ages, and a few months ago she finally did.  You should read it.  You should subscribe to it, because it will make you laugh out loud.  But I’m not giving you the link until the bottom of this post so you have to finish reading MY blog before you go to read hers.

Anyway, my friend does this hilarious thing called “Pet Peeve Mondays.”  Every Monday, she writes about a pet peeve.  And it makes me laugh out loud nearly every week.

This morning when I arrived at work (yes, I’m blogging at work… call it the “transition period” and give me a few days to get back into the swing of things…), I encountered one of MY pet peeves.  And it happens to be Monday.  So I thought I’d steal my funny friend’s idea and have my own Pet Peeve Monday blog entry.  Here it is:



Perforated paper that doesn’t tear at the perforation.  WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU BOTHER TO PERFORATE THE PAPER IF IT’S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO DO ANYTHING???? Just so people can go crazy at their offices picking off the tiny bits of paper stuck where the perforation didn’t work and wishing their crazy torn-out-looking paper looked more professional (but not throwing away the ugly ones because they don’t want to kill more trees)?

Okay, I’m finished with my rant.  Go back and read the last blog entry about my cute baby, then go read my friend Elizabeth’s blog:

And have a good Monday. :)


  1. Is it bad that I knew you were talking about me after reading “we weren’t friends at first”… Which begs the question – WHY NOT?!?!?!

    I’m flattered for the shout-out on your blog and double flattered that your ode to me included a pet peeve. And what a pet peeve it is! The paper tablet thing is SO ANNOYING. I applaud you and your keen sense of peeves. Carry on.

  2. I so agree! The torn paper that’s left is so maddening – and, of course, I can’t let it go, so I end up picking at the tablet until it’s all gone. By the way, do you have any friends that don’t also share your name? J/K.

    • I find that it’s really much more convenient to just be friends with people with the same name – less to remember. :)

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