Posted by: Elizabeth | August 10, 2009

Back to Bed! Or something…

Have I mentioned “Big Dog, Little Dog” in this blog before?  It’s one of my favorite books from childhood.  It’s a simple story about two friends (dogs), Ted and Fred.  Ted is a big dog, and Fred is a little dog.  They’re different in pretty much every way, but still manage to get along.  The most memorable scene in the book is when they go on vacation together and stay in a hotel – one upstairs and one downstairs.  Neither one can sleep because Ted (the big dog) is in a bed that is too little and Fred (the little dog) is in a bed that’s too big.  They figure this out in the middle of the night and decide to switch.  “‘Back to bed!’ yelled Ted.  ‘Back to bed!’ yelled Fred.”  And they slept all through the night.

For some reason that scene has stuck in my mind, and now anytime I go “back to” anything, I yell (in my head, usually, thank goodness) “Back to bed!” before changing the words to fit the occasion.  So today I’m going back to work.  But it’s way more fun to yell it like Ted and Fred.

Yes, back to work.  Can you believe it?  Today will be my first official day at First Church since May 19.  Wow.  The time has FLOWN by.  Caroline is almost 12 weeks old, which seems impossible.  I’m excited about going back, but also sad about not getting to spend all day every day with my tiny girl.  The good news is that for the next two weeks, she gets some one-on-one time with her Daddy, since he’s taking the last two weeks of paternity leave.  I am so excited for these two to have quality time together!  I’m also thankful to be transitioning back to work gradually: I’ll work half-time these next three weeks before starting back full-time on August 31.

And, Caroline seems to have heard me worrying about staying awake at work after getting up with her during the night because last night she DID NOT WAKE UP.  I’ve been bragging on her because she’s been sleeping 7.5 hours the last several nights – usually from 10:00pm to 5:30 or 5:45am – which is totally workable!  And then last night she went to sleep at 9:30 and didn’t wake up until 7:00 this morning!!!  Wow.  I actually had my alarm set for 7:00 because Steven was going to get up with her earlier, and I woke up before my alarm having slept the night through.  AMAZING!  Baby C woke up at 6:55 with a smile on her face – I think she was proud of herself, and also felt good after sleeping so well!  I am not going to count on this happening every day, but I am going to be thankful for this one instance. :)

And in case you were worried, I was able to successfully complete Caroline’s manicure and pedicure that I botched earlier this week.  See here if you need to re-live the trauma.

And see here if you need a smile on a Monday morning:

Post-Bath in the Bunny Towel

Post-Bath in the Bunny Towel

Man, she’s cute.

Did I mention that after we decided to do this nanny share, BOTH childcare places called last week to say we’d made it off the waitlist?  [Sigh] First we have zero options for childcare, and then we have a plethora of choices.  We still are excited about the nanny share, though.  Maybe when she’s older, we’ll send Caroline to childcare – but for now we’re excited for her to get more personal attention – and to develop a relationship with a little friend her age!

Okay – back to work time.  Happy week, everyone!



  1. Hey! I did not know the book Big Dog Little Dog until this afternoon when we got it! As I read it I realized I was reading the book you mentioned. I got it with pampers gifts to grow reward points, 3 board books and that is one of them. Very fun!

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