Posted by: Elizabeth | August 6, 2009


Tiny Fingers

Tiny Fingers

Baby fingernails are tricky.  If you don’t cut them regularly, you might lose a lot of blood yourself as your baby scratches you with her tiny little razor-hands.  She’ll also look like she’s been crawling through a briar patch to the untrained eye, as she’ll scratch herself at every chance she gets.

But cutting the fingernails is tricky, too, even with the fancy little baby fingernail clippers.  We’ve been doing okay with this since Tiny Girl was born, but this morning the string of successes ended.  Instead of clipping the nail on her left ring finger, I clipped the end of her finger.  She wasn’t even squirming – I just couldn’t see it that well and I missed.  She immediately started crying unconsoleably and giving me that “How could you?” look of betrayal again.  Her tiny finger bled.  Kind of more than I expected.  I don’t know who feels worse: her or me…

So I ended up just wrapping it up in a clean burp cloth, because I don’t have any baby-finger-sized bandaids and don’t want her to bleed on everything (do they even make bandaids that small?).  I convinced her to rest in her swing, so she’s sleeping now.  Hopefully when she wakes up she won’t remember a thing.  And some day I’ll feel better enough to try to cut her little razor-sharp fingernails again…


  1. kinda gross… but my sister bites little E’s off because they are so soft and because she’s too nervous to use clippers.

  2. Had to comment, you are not alone, this is my most hated baby task out there…I actually have a friend to it. When she was tiny, I only did it when she was asleep…but now I just outsource the task. :o)

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