Posted by: Elizabeth | August 1, 2009

Thanks for Asking

People keep asking me a stupid question.  It goes something like this: “Since you’re from the south, shouldn’t you be used to this heat?”  The long answer is as follows: “#1: I have not lived in the south for over two years.  What I’m “used to” is the Pacific Northwest.  #2: 100 degrees is hot no matter who you are or where you’re from.  #3: When it’s hot in the south, we move from our air conditioned homes into our air conditioned garages to get into our air conditioned cars, armed with a glass of iced tea to cool us off.  We then drive around enjoying the air conditioning, narrowly beating out 7 other people for the closest spot in a gigantic parking lot at whatever air conditioned business we plan on visiting, after which we spend 14 seconds walking from the car to the building only to get inside and complain about the oppressive heat.”

So the short answer is “No, I am not used to this heat.  Thanks for asking.”

And if you don’t believe in global warming, perhaps you should visit Seattle.  We had the hottest July on record.  The last seven days had an average temperature of 94.  Wednesday we hit an all-time high of 103.  And I think it bears repeating that something like 85% of the people here (us included) DON’T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING.  What we do have, however, is a generous sister who lives only two hours away and DOES have air conditioning.  So on Wednesday, Caroline had her first visit to Aunt Emily’s in Port Townsend!

We had a wonderful time visiting with Emily and her friends, young and old.  We went to the lake (where everyone else went swimming, but Caroline’s mom is a bit of a germophobe and could only think of the 8 bazillion parasites and bacteria lurking in the lake water just waiting to wreak havoc on her system, so she wasn’t allowed to touch the water – I just fanned her to keep her cool):

At Gibbs Lake

At Gibbs Lake

We did lots of eating out, and lots of hanging out in Aunt Emily’s air conditioning.  Here is Caroline with her auntie in front of the house:

Caroline and Aunt Emily

Caroline and Aunt Emily

[Note: It’s difficult to tell in this shot, but Caroline’s shirt appropriately says “My Auntie [hearts] me.”]

Here’s a shot of Caroline relaxing in her pack n’ play in Port Townsend:

C in her Pack 'N Play

C in her Pack 'N Play

And that picture brings me to two more exciting things!

1.  Caroline is working very hard on rolling over (as evidenced in the above photo, though in that particular shot she must have gotten tired of working on it because she was sound asleep in that pose).  She can get all the way from her back onto her stomach, but she hasn’t figured out how to pull the opposite arm through yet, so she ends up with both arms on the same side and looks mighty uncomfortable.  I think rolling BACK over is more advanced and will come later.

2.  Due to the heat, we have not had Caroline sleeping in her bassinet as of late, because it’s impossible to circulate air to her while she’s down in the bassinet.  Instead, we’ve had her in her crib (or while in PT, in the Pack ‘N Play), where we can point a fan directly at her and keep her cool all night.  I was worried that she wouldn’t sleep in that giant bed, but she hasn’t seemed to mind one bit.  In fact, at this precise moment she is in her crib asleep like a big girl.  Crazy!  So we weren’t necessarily planning on making the transition from bassinet to crib just yet, but it seems like now might be the time.  We just ordered a baby monitor so we can still hear her from the other room, and until then I’m sleeping on the futon in Caroline’s room so she doesn’t wake up and scream for hours without us noticing and coming to her rescue.

The latest baby yoga pose.

The latest baby yoga pose.

Today we took Caroline on her first trip to IKEA!  She really enjoyed it, especially because it was her first experience facing out in the Bjorn – up to this point we’ve always kept her facing in, because she hasn’t been super-steady holding her head up and seemed to need the extra support.  She’s doing much better with holding her head up, though, so we gave it a try this evening, and she loved looking around at everything!  It proved to be overwhelming, though (as IKEA can be), and she had a tiny meltdown at the end of our trip.  She was asleep the second we put her in her car seat to go home.  :)

We also had a second delightful lunch today with the family that we’re hoping to share a nanny with.  We really like them and it looks like the nanny share just might work out!  We’ve got some resumes and are hoping to do our first interview early in the week.  Hooray!  We are so excited to have this possibility moving forward – just knowing that someone will be taking good care of Caroline every day and having the child care logistics figured out relieves a LOT of anxiety.

This coming week is the last week that I will be 100% off of work.  I can’t believe it’s gone this fast!  But a week from Monday I’m headed back half time, and Steven will be taking the last two weeks of his paternity leave to take care of Caroline.  I’ll go back full time August 31.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe it’s August today, or that Caroline is 2.5 months old or that what originally seemed like an eternity of time off is coming to a close…


  1. I love that outfit with the hearts on it! How cute!

    And nice description about questions regarding the heat and how you should be used to it. It made me laugh because it’s all so true! Hopefully the nasty 90+ degree weather is over…

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