Posted by: Elizabeth | July 26, 2009

Beating the Heat

In case you haven’t heard, Seattle is HOT right now.  And I don’t mean hot like cool, hip, etc. (though that’s probably true, too).  I mean hot like the temperature is absurdly high for this part of the country.  As of this writing, there’s a possibility of the city of Seattle setting record high temperatures on each of the next four days.  No rain in sight.  The lowest projected high temperature in the next five days is an even 90 degrees, and that’s not until Friday.

People have often made fun of Seattlites for complaining about the heat, and I probably would have before I lived here, having come from Atlanta, Dallas, and Durham.  But it’s different here: for one thing, we’re not used to it!  The weather here is usually so mild and comfortable, heat waves are tough to get used to.  And the most significant thing is that hot temperatures are so rare here that no one really has air conditioning.  A lot of businesses have it, but not all.  Our apartment definitely does NOT have air conditioning.  To this point we’ve been able to keep it pretty comfortable by opening up the windows and balcony door in the evenings and running fans all the time, but I’m not sure that’s going to work when it’s in the 90’s during the day.

One unfortunate consequence of the heat is that Caroline doesn’t sleep as well.  She gets hot during the night and wakes up cranky.  This makes her mom cranky, as well.  And she’s kind of a sweaty-head, anyway, so I’m always worrying that she’s getting dehydrated – it’s not like you can just give your two-month-old a bottle of Gatorade and call it a day…  But we’re hanging in there so far.

We had a pretty big day today.  We went to church this morning, and Caroline wore a dress that I wore when I was her size.  That blows my mind, thinking of myself as a person that fit into Caroline’s clothes… she looked adorable, though!

Baby C in her Mama's Dress

Baby C in her Mama's Dress

I tried to get her to smile for the camera, but she’s kind of obsessed with sucking on her fists just now.  I don’t mind it so much – especially since the fists don’t get lost as easily as the pacifier – but she’s noisy about it!  It’s not something that she can do, say, during the prayer time at church.

Which brings us to our next big adventure today: Caroline went to the church nursery for the first time!  She usually sleeps for the whole hour of church so we just hold her – but this morning when we arrived she showed no sign of wanting to sleep, even though she clearly needed a nap.  She was squirmy and making noise, so I sucked it up and took her to the nursery.  She was fussy when I left her, but I went back to check on her just a few minutes later and she was having a grand time.  The nursery ladies said she smiled and played almost the whole time.  Hooray!  I’m so thankful to have capable, kind hands to take care of Caroline so we can focus on worship.  This will be especially helpful in the coming weeks when I am back on the worship leader side of things, as well, so Steven doesn’t miss half the service if she’s fussy or just talkative…

This afternoon we went to a church picnic and softball game, as well.  Caroline did great sleeping in the shade in her stroller while her mom and dad and auntie Chelsea sweated like pigs out on the field in the sun.

And when we got home, Caroline and I decided to nap to beat the heat.  I’m not sure how exactly this position came to be (I certainly didn’t put her down like that), and it doesn’t look that comfortable (especially that right arm all crazy), but Caroline seemed quite content on the couch:

Beating the Heat

Beating the Heat

In other big news, we had a lovely lunch on Saturday with a family with whom we may be able to share a nanny.  The parents were absolutely delightful, they live about 10 blocks from my office, and they have an adorable baby girl who’s about 6 weeks older than Caroline.  Their nanny needs are pretty much identical to ours, so it may turn out to be the perfect childcare situation for us!  We’d appreciate your prayers in this area, as childcare has been something I’ve been super stressed about… and it’s not exactly worked out yet, but things are certainly looking positive.  We’ll keep you posted!


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