Posted by: Elizabeth | July 21, 2009

The Ups and Downs of a Two-Month-Old

Caroline is two months old today!!

We celebrated by going to Kindermusik, having lunch with Steven downtown, and going to the doctor.  Exciting, I know!

Caroline enjoyed Kindermusik WAY more than last week.  She stayed awake for the entire class!  Sadly, Max-the-cute-10-month-old-dance-partner wasn’t there today, but she had a grand time watching Melody and Conrad the 2-year-olds run around like crazy chickens.  While she still can’t quite participate in EVERY activity during class, she is getting way more interactive and having lots of fun with the music, instruments, and dancing.  I’m so glad we have one more class to go!

After a fun lunch with Steven downtown, we came home for a nap – Kindermusik wears Caroline out.  Then we headed to the doctor’s office for her two-month checkup.  Caroline’s regular doctor is actually out on maternity leave, but we saw another very nice doctor in the practice today (and a nurse who must be French – she had a very heavy accent and kept saying “voila!” and “oh la la” to Caroline…).  Here are the stats:

  • 12 pounds, 10 ounces – That’s a 26-ounce gain in one month!  91st percentile
  • 24.5 inches – another inch since last month and 3.25 inches since birth! Above the 95th percentile (off the chart)

The doctor declared Caroline to be a healthy little girl: bright-eyed, strong, active, interactive, and very smiley.  Caroline was on her best behavior, smiling and showing off for both the doctor and the nurse.

Then came the trauma: vaccinations.  [duhn duhn duhn…]

First she got an oral vaccination – and I hope it wasn’t that important, because she spit at least half of it out.

Then she got three, count them THREE shots in the thighs – two on the left and one on the right.  I was thankful that the nurse was very quick and professional, but Caroline didn’t give a rip.  She cried like she has never cried before: ear-piercing shrieks, deep sobs, that I’m-so-upset-that-my-mouth-is-open-and-no-sound-is-coming-out-because-I-can’t-even-really-breathe crying.  And that makes sense – it’s really her first real experience with pain.  Can you imagine that?  Feeling pain for the first time in your memory?  She got pricked several times in the first few weeks of life (and she broke her collarbone on her way into the world), but never anything like this.  Just think: no bruises, no scrapes, no bumps, no illnesses.  Until today.

The worst part: the way she looked at me.  Not just, “Help me, Mom!  This is awful!” but that look of utter betrayal – that look that says, “But I trusted you!  How could you let this happen?!”

Okay, so maybe I was traumatized more than she was.  Thankfully, we’re both tough and recover quickly.  Caroline stopped crying before we even left the doctor’s office today and was asleep by the time we got out to the sidewalk.  She was worn out from the whole experience, though, sleeping the rest of the day and through the evening, only waking long enough to eat.  I got myself a cookie at my favorite bakery on the way home and felt infinitely better by the time we were back in the apartment, snoozing and snuggling together on the couch. :)

And to commemorate her big birthday, I even remembered to get the camera out to capture a few smiles:

Smile #1

Smile #1

...and now you're just showing off for the camera. :)

...and now you're just showing off for the camera. :)

Evidence of our traumatic day:

If you're going to get shots, at least get the sparkly bandaids.

If you're going to get shots, at least get the sparkly bandaids.

Totally squeezable thighs

Totally squeezable thighs

And a few photos left over from the last few weeks:

Snuggling with Aunt Emily (C is a SNUGGLY girl!)

Snuggling with Aunt Emily (C is a SNUGGLY girl!)

Snoozing on the couch

Snoozing on the couch

I am SO THANKFUL for a healthy, happy baby.  She is really fun to play with right now and is changing and growing every single day.  Her smile melts my heart – I cannot imagine loving her or being more proud of her than I do/am right now.  What’s so amazing about that is realizing that God loves her (and me! and you!) even more.  It is all such a gift.  Such an extraordinary gift.  Here’s to another incredible month!



  1. Did you forget to tell Caroline she gets to have lunch anywhere she wants if she doesn’t cry?!

    • I told her she could get ice cream if she was good, but then she told me that she can’t eat ice cream yet, so she thought she’d just go ahead and cry…

  2. Well, we had this adventure today. Yay for 2 months, boo for vaccines (although, yay for the immunity they produce, right?). We were not as fortunate on the whole sleeping-the-rest-of-the-day thing, and my poor mom was babysitting. yikes!

    Also, this occurred to me–can you imagine if you grew 3 inches in 2 months right now? That’s amazing! You would be like 6 feet tall and have no fitting pants! Crazy babies. Glad you are having fun! You have a beautiful smiley girl!

    • Unfortunately, the sleep-the-rest-of-the-day thing was only for that day… and she’s been cranky the three days since. Urgh.

      The growth is outrageous – not only would it be crazy for us to grow three inches in two months – but we’re starting out as big people – it’s a way bigger percentage of growth for them!!

  3. […] She immediately started crying unconsoleably and giving me that “How could you?” look of betrayal again.  Her tiny finger bled.  Kind of more than I expected.  I don’t know who feels […]

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