Posted by: Elizabeth | July 18, 2009

“Mommy’s here.”

This afternoon, when Caroline started to get upset, I found myself instinctively saying the words, “It’s okay – Mommy’s here.”  I’ve done it a hundred times before.  I’ve been thinking about it tonight: why I say that, and why I think it’s actually effective.

It seems a little silly to say something like “Mommy’s here” to a tiny girl who a.) doesn’t necessarily know the name/title “Mommy” and doesn’t have the concepts of near and far (she needs that Grover skit from Sesame Street!).  Besides, it’s a little redundant: she knows my voice and can tell that I’m close by, so telling her I’m here is unnecessary.

But I also realized today that for now, and hopefully for years to come, it’s enough.  It’s enough for me to be here for my little girl.  I know I am not a perfect Mom and I’m sure I never will be – but I can promise to be here when my daughter is upset or ecstatic, to share life’s joys and struggles with her.  I won’t be able to fix all of her problems or to prevent them, try as I might, and I may not understand every situation, but I can be here loving her, and that can be enough.

And that makes sense, too – because that’s what God has promised to us: to be present, to be near in joy and in sorrow, through good times and bad, to be our refuge and strength; not to fix all of our problems or to prevent them, but to love us through them.  And that is enough, too.

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