Posted by: Elizabeth | July 12, 2009

Perfect Day

Our tiny girl was baptized at Seattle’s First United Methodist Church this morning.  It was pretty much a perfect day in every day:  Caroline slept 6.5 hours in a row last night and didn’t wake up the first time until after the sun came up (incredibly helpful for her mom).  She was super content/happy during church and didn’t make a sound, then she fell asleep right at the end of the sermon and she stayed asleep through the entire baptism, including the water part.  Our dear friend Pastor Dave, together with my colleagues Sandy and Crystal (also dear friends) did a gorgeous job with the baptismal liturgy.  I couldn’t participate in half of it because of the tears rolling down my face as I thought of the wonder and power of the sacrament in which we were participating.  Caroline looked angelic in my grandfather’s baptismal gown and the bonnet made from my wedding handkerchief.  The congregation was beautifully supportive and loving toward our little girl as they welcomed her into the body of Christ.  Then we had a wonderfully relaxed lunch celebration in the rooftop community room at our apartment building, and the sun even came out for a few family photos outside.  Absolutely perfect.

I can’t wait to post photos (as soon as I get them from others – I obviously was not taking pictures during the service).  Here’s one from our friend Josie as a teaser.  This is post baptism, just after Pastor Dave delivered Caroline to us after introducing her to the congregation, me loving on my baby girl:

After BaptismAnd one of Steven and Caroline on the roof of our building after lunch:

Steven and Caroline

It doesn’t get much better than this.


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