Posted by: Elizabeth | July 11, 2009

Family in Town

It has been a busy week, as I suspected it would be!  We didn’t have much on the calendar, but we certainly have not been sitting around too much.  Or, as my dad used to say, we’ve kept one foot in the road.

Tuesday morning of this past week, Caroline and I attended her first Kindermusik class downtown.  It was so fun!  Her class is a family class for children from newborn to age 6, so there’s a nice variety in age and maturity in the class, though Caroline is certainly the youngest (and cutest!).  The class also has a farm theme, so all of our activities and songs have to do with farm animals and farm activities – it’s really quite cute.  For our craft activity on Tuesday, we decorated a cow bell which we used to provide accompaniment to one of the songs.  We also danced and played instruments – Caroline was wide-eyed throughout the class and seemed to actually enjoy herself, especially when she was paired with adorable 10-month-old Max for a little square dance. :)  Eventually, though, the level of activity turned out to be a little much for a 7-week-old girl, as she fell asleep with about 10 minutes left in the class.  Still, I’m so glad we went!  Caroline is already looking forward to the next three classes.  I will do my best to get some photos before the end of the session – it’s really too cute.

We spent the rest of the week shopping, getting a haircut (Caroline doesn’t really have enough hair to cut, so she just hung out and looked cute while I got mine cut), and playing with the family, especially after the Schindler grandparents arrived on Wednesday and the Portland Lloyds arrived on Thursday to help celebrate Caroline’s baptism tomorrow.  Caroline also spent much of her week working on the following:

  • holding her head steady while she’s upright;
  • holding her head up while she’s on her belly, which is going quite well considering she doesn’t get as much tummy time as she might if she didn’t have such terrible reflux;
  • following objects with her eyes – she’s quite good at this;
  • grabbing the rings on her bouncy chair – she got one once, but has mostly batted at them;
  • throwing her pacifiers under furniture and in other places where we can’t find them;
  • melting our hearts with her absurdly cute smile.

I’m sad that I don’t have good photos of her smiling, because she’s really doing it a lot – but I’m so focused on her smile, I never remember to pick up the camera!  Hopefully we’ll get some good ones soon.  Here are a couple of others from this week:

"Monkey, you're mine."

"Monkey, you're mine."

"I think I've got it!"

"I think I've got it!"

Hanging out with Grandpa Schindler

Hanging out with Grandpa Schindler

”]The bouncy chair can wear a girl out. [Note the little hand sticking up...]
How can you resist that little face?

How can you resist that little face?

Asleep on dad during an evening feeding...

Asleep on dad during an evening feeding...

Trying on some new kicks

Trying on some new kicks

I think I had those exact same shoes during high school basketball…


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