Posted by: Elizabeth | June 28, 2009

New Building

If you didn’t already know, our church (where I am currently appointed as an associate pastor) is building a new building.  A new campus, really, because it’s more than one building (okay, only two, and they’re right next to each other, but still).  Anyway, the building is the result of a looooong process of decision-making, selling, buying, moving, etc.  In short, the congregation was in decline, the historic sanctuary had earthquake damage, the neighborhood wasn’t ideal, the city tried to make it a historic landmark, the state supreme court ruled in favor of religious liberty, a developer bought the historic part, we moved about two miles north into a much better neighborhood, and we’ve been traipsing in and out of the Seattle Children’s Theatre with all our stuff every Sunday morning for the last 15 months. [You can read more about the building process here.]

Today marked a milestone in the process, as the congregation (or the part of it that wasn’t at the Seattle Pride Parade or off doing something else in the gorgeous sunny weather) was treated to a tour of the partially-finished sanctuary building and a chance to leave our mark on the fellowship hall.  It was super-cool to stand in the space where we’ll be worshiping a short 7 months from now (God willing) and imagine it in all its glory – then we went downstairs and had the opportunity to write messages on the unfinished wall of the fellowship hall and leave handprints.  They’ll be covered up during construction, but we’ll know our messages are there.  Here are a couple of photos from the day, including one of Caroline’s tiny handprint on the wall. She didn’t quite understand what we were doing, and she fell asleep before she got to the finger paints, but we got her little fingers on the wall nonetheless. :)

In the sanctuary

In the sanctuary

Caroline's tiny handprint

Caroline's tiny handprint



  1. You (and Caroline, of course) look so fabulous in this picture! You look gorgeous and I am obsessed with Caroline’s green dress – you think they make one in my size???

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