Posted by: Elizabeth | June 26, 2009


Seattle Crosswalk

Seattle Crosswalk

I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly compassionate, thoughtful person.  As such, I thought I understood how difficult it would be to get around Seattle as a disabled person reliant on a wheelchair.  Our sidewalks are hideously bumpy and cracked, with tree roots sticking up everywhere (thanks to the area’s tree-huggers).  This is partly the reason that we bought our super-excellent BOB Revolution stroller, with big wheels and a great suspension system to keep our little girl’s ride smooth.  What I had not considered or noticed until pushing said stroller around the city, however, was the crosswalks.

For one thing, the curbs in this city are all different heights.  Apparently curbs are not something we’ve standardized.  Most of the time, this is not an issue because there’s a little ramp leading down from the sidewalk to the street.  But often I get to the corner and there is no such ramp.  Or worse, I get to the middle of the crosswalk and there’s no ramp on the other side!  If our excellent stroller was not able to jump the curb, we would be stuck in the street even now.  The other crazy thing is that when these ramps are present, they are not always aligned with the crosswalk.  Sometimes they’re several feet away, which means if you’re waiting at the ramp (rather than at the crosswalk), people in cars don’t notice you and they turn right in front of you, making crossing the street a dangerous venture, indeed.  Who knew this would be such an adventure?!

Thankfully, most of Seattle is at least semi-wheelchair-friendly, and we can take advantage of the many automatic doors and elevators, whenever we can find them.  It’s just the crosswalks that are giving us trouble.

In other news, we took Caroline on her first trip to Costco today!  She will learn to appreciate it for all it’s glory, I’m sure.  Here she is, ready to check out (“I’ll take one discount, value-size baby, please…”):

Costco Baby

Costco Baby

And in case you were wondering, this is what I see in my rearview mirror these days [don’t worry – I took this while we were parked and waiting for Grammy to get back in the car after returning our Costco cart.  I try not to take pictures while driving…]:

In the rearview mirror

In the rearview mirror

Gotta love the cuteness that those baby mirrors provide.

And, to add some joy to your weekend, here’s a shot of Caroline in her new sunglasses.

Trying on the new shades

Trying on the new shades

We’re ready for a trip to the beach!  Or a ride in the car.  Or just lounging around looking cute… :)



  1. I think she has a few bathing suits to go with those stylish specs.

  2. […] photo above is what I was talking about in the early post about the crosswalks.  Where the stroller is on the bottom left corner of the photo is the ramp for one side of the […]

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