Posted by: Elizabeth | June 25, 2009

Meeting Old Friends

We had a wonderful visit today with an old friend who happened to be in Seattle for another friend’s wedding.  How delightful!  Dee is like family.  She practically WAS family, actually, as she dated my cousin for nine years.  She was one of my babysitters when I was about Caroline’s size.  But she and my cousin broke up and we lost touch for a little while.  In the meantime, she went back to school, become a teacher, got married, and moved to Georgia.  Then one day my mom showed up for the first day of pre-planning at the elementary school where she worked, and Dee was a new teacher there!  She and her husband have a beautiful little boy (not so little these days – he’s almost 9) who they adopted from Guatamala; my mom affectionately claims him as a grandson, and he returns the favor by calling her “My Lois.”

We had a lovely lunch today at the Dahlia Lounge.  Caroline enjoyed herself, as well, though she didn’t get to experience the excellent Tom Douglas crab cakes.  And Dee brought Caroline the cutest stuffed monkey!  I can’t wait until she’s a little bigger and can play with it. :)

At the Dahlia Lounge

At the Dahlia Lounge

Caroline has also been enjoying the new swing that her Grammy bought her.  It’s a huge help when other things will not soothe her – she only likes the fastest speeds, though.  No half-hearted swinging for this girl.  And unfortunately, she seems to like the electronic-sounding classical music the swing plays, as well.  Here’s a shot of her sleeping while swinging this morning.  You’ve got to love the open-mouthed sleeping pose:

Asleep in the swing

Asleep in the swing

Sleeping and swinging...

Sleeping and swinging...

Yesterday, we went shopping for a new dress for Grammy to wear to Caroline’s baptism (coming up on July 12!).  I have to tell you I was totally blown away by the variety of clothing available for non-pregnant people when we walked through Macy’s!  I had forgotten what it was like to not have to shop in the maternity stores (which are few and far between).  I’m excited to get back to a normal size so I can wear cute clothes again (and have lots to choose from) – I might actually enjoy shopping for the first time in my life. :)



  1. Sounds like she’s a dare devil already! Love the fast swinging…

  2. Grammy looks like she is having a great time. I am surprised you got to hold Caroline for the picture. Have fun.

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