Posted by: Elizabeth | June 18, 2009

Four-Week Review

Caroline had her four-week checkup with the pediatrician today (the sixth visit with her in four weeks… sheesh!).  We were holding our breath, praying that she would finally be back up to her birth weight.  We told her to think heavy thoughts all morning, gave her a good breakfast, and hoped she wouldn’t puke it up before we could make those ounces count on the scale.  She did perfectly!  She weight in at 11 pounds exactly.  HOORAY!!!  She even waited to wet her diaper until right after the weight check.  I knew she was on our team. :)

There are a couple of reasons that the successful weight check is so exciting: 1.) We no longer have to visit the pediatrician every week for a weight check, and we can stop worrying about why she isn’t gaining weight, since she gained a whopping 8 ounces this week! 2.) We can now let Caroline sleep as long as she wants to sleep at night rather than waking her up to feed her every 3-4 hours.  Of course, after 4 weeks of being woken up, she’s in a routine of waking up quite often now… but I’d much rather get up to the sound of a hungry baby rather than set my alarm to wake up (read: irritate) a sleeping one.  Praise God for that!  Perhaps we can start getting longer blocks of sleep now!

In other news, we had Caroline measured today, and she is 23.25 inches long, which means she’s grown TWO FULL INCHES in the last four weeks.  I hope she doesn’t continue this growth pattern for too long, or she’ll be a 6-foot-tall 2-year-old, and we’ll have to put her on that TLC show about the world’s tallest children.  She might have a career as a professional basketball player, though, and that would be just fine.  I’m afraid, though, that she’ll probably never make the US Gymnastics team.  Too tall.  It’s just as well.

Feeding is still a crazy game – we’re not into a good routine yet, and still have some big decisions to make about breast vs. formula.  But at least she’s getting enough to eat now and is keeping enough of it down to gain weight!  Woohoo!

We went on a tour of the Theo Chocolate Factory earlier this week – I’m waiting to get photos off of Mom’s camera to post here.  And now Caroline is attending the first of what will likely be MANY Annual Conferences.  I’ll try to get some photos of that, too, and post in the next few days.

We also want to welcome Zaryn Barton Thompson and Wesley Robert Arnold to the world!  Two more precious babies born to my good friends this week!  That’s 8 babies born to friends of ours within a month of Caroline’s birthday.  And one more to go!!!!!

More adventures to come. :)

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