Posted by: Elizabeth | June 16, 2009

More Firsts

Caroline attended her first church softball game on Sunday.  She must bring good luck, because the First Church team was victorious!  Really she was there because her Mom would like to play, but hasn’t been cleared for exercise yet, so she’s the “manager,” which means she has a good excuse for telling people what to do.  Her Dad also played some excellent left field at the last minute, because otherwise we wouldn’t have had enough people to field a team.  It worked out great, though, thanks to Grammy’s babysitting.  Here’s Grammy giving Caroline a bottle in the dugout (the game lasted a looong time, and a girl’s gotta eat!):

Eating at the Game

Eating at the Game

We also finally bit the bullet and gave Caroline a real bath.  She didn’t lose her umbilical cord stump until she was almost 3 weeks old, so we’d been doing successful sponge baths, which she didn’t seem to mind; and I had been washing her hair at the sink (getting her head really wet to practice for her baptism in a few weeks!), and she seemed to like that fine.  But we thought it was time to get out the baby bathtub and give it a go.  She didn’t love it, to say the least:

Bath Time

Bath Time

She screamed the entire time.  I should have gotten a photo of her all wrapped up in her hooded towel, though – the screaming was almost worth it for that level of cuteness.  Oh, well.  Better luck next time (on the bath and the photo!).

I also thought I’d post this photo, as evidence of how much Caroline doesn’t like to be burped during/after feeding.  This is her “I can’t decide if I’m mad enough to scream or too tired to care” look, which I often get during the burping process.



It mostly makes me laugh.



  1. Awww, funny pictures! Hopefully she’s feeling better now too since she went to the doctor last week. When can you start exercising again?

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