Posted by: Elizabeth | June 12, 2009


Our little girl is getting all kinds of culture.  She attended her first book signing/lecture earlier this week, and had her first museum outing today.  Our friend Nancy from church met us at the Frye Museum, a few blocks from our apartment, and we looked at the new puppet exhibit before having a lovely lunch at the museum cafe courtyard.  Below is a photo of Nancy and Caroline outside the museum.  Caroline’s actually screaming, because it was her lunch time and she was ready to go home, but we’ll pretend that she’s smiling because she had so much fun at the museum. :)

First Museum Visit

First Museum Visit

I think Caroline really did enjoy the museum, even if the exhibit was kind of weird.  She was super well-behaved, staying quiet even when she was awake.  We did not have such good luck on our afternoon outing to Babies R Us, however.  She cried halfway down there in the car, fussed the entire time we were in the store, and screamed her head off the entire way back in the car.  I think she was trying to tell me she doesn’t appreciate the rampant commercialism evident in places like Babies R Us – she must not appreciate the way the baby industry pushes unnecessary and expensive products on unsuspecting new parents.  Or something like that.

We also had a nice walk in the Bjorn this afternoon to pick up Caroline’s anti-reflux medicine at the pharmacy.  She’s already doing lots better just with us keeping her upright all the time, so I’m hopeful that the medicine will make her a happy, healthy baby (and help her keep her food down so she can gain weight appropriately and we can stop paying the $30 co-pay for the pediatrician every single week :)).  Today she has spit up like a normal baby, but no projectile vomiting.  Hooray!  What an improvement.  She and I have even worn the same clothes ALL DAY LONG without having to change them because they’re soaked in sour milk.  Okay, so she ruined her pajamas this morning, but it hardly counts because she hadn’t gotten dressed yet.  In any case, I think we’re on the road to normalcy.

Speaking of getting dressed, here’s a photo of Caroline in the cute outfit she wore today – she got it from Auntie Kim, who said cousin Harrison (age 4) picked it out for her.  [She’s also showing off her cute feet and her powerful kick.  I know you’re impressed.]

Stylish Baby

Stylish Baby

Caroline continues to amaze us with her brilliance.  The latest feat is that she’s figured out how to put her hand in her mouth, which is quite convenient when she’s dropped her pacifier and can’t find it!  Unfortunately, this only seems to work when she’s happy – when she’s screaming, she forgets how to get the hand up there, and tends to just scratch up her face instead of soothing herself by sucking on her hand.  Oh, well.  We can’t expect her to figure it all out in the first month.



She’s also getting quite good at grabbing things, especially my necklace when she’s eating.  She’s got quite a grip!  And she wants desperately to hold the bottle when we’re feeding her.  It won’t be long until we can just point her toward the kitchen and tell her to make herself something to eat. :)  I’ve also recently discovered that the best way to comfort/soothe her, especially when she’s just eaten, is to lean back in a chair myself (the reclining glider is perfect for this) and put her on her belly on my chest.  It works nearly every time to put her to sleep, and it’s a delightful way to cuddle with my little angel.  I will be sad when she outgrows this, so I’m trying to enjoy holding her (and not being able to do anything else except watch worthless daytime television) for hours each day. :)

My mom is coming tomorrow!  Woohoo!  And I’ll be turning 29.  Last year in the 20’s.  Momentous, I know.  Steven keeps asking me what I want for my birthday, and the only thing I can think of is sleep.  So if anyone has some extra that they’d like to send my way, I’ll take it.

Today was Day 24 in Seattle without “significant precipitation.”  The weather folks are seriously freaking out about all the plant life dying.  Seriously, folks, just be thankful that it’s beautiful and sunny outside and quit your griping.

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