Posted by: Elizabeth | June 10, 2009


We’ve been getting out of the house a bit more these last few days, which is incredibly helpful for my sanity.  On Monday, Caroline was having trouble sleeping and just wanted to be held, so I thought, “I will put her in the sling and wear her around the house!”  But when I put her in the sling, she cried as if I was torturing her.  Seriously.  The sling did not work out.

Later that day, though, I wanted to run out for a quick trip to the drug store without taking the stroller.  So I got out the Baby Bjorn that we received as a gift and figured out all the straps and such… put Caroline in it, and she loved it!  She fussed for approximately 1/2 a second, then went straight to sleep.  What a relief!

“]Baby Bjorn

I wear clothes with mine, just FYI...

To sweeten life a little more, Steven took one of the Monday night feedings (gave her a bottle) and I got 5.5 hours sleep IN A ROW.  It was amazing.  I got up for a feeding at 4:30 and almost decided just to stay up for the rest of the day because I had so much energy after such a long stretch of sleep. :)

Yesterday Caroline and I ventured out in the car for the first time on our own (without Steven).  I pretty much worried the entire time I was driving that her head had fallen over in the car seat and she couldn’t pick it back up and she would have stopped breathing and turned blue by the time we arrived at our destination, but it seems we both survived our short trip around town.  We went to the First Church office to have lunch with my colleagues, then to Petco to get some dog food.  Exciting, I know!

Last night we had a really fun outing to Elliott Bay Book Co. in Pioneer Square for Caroline’s first book lecture and signing (she’s very cultured for a 2.5-week-old).  My cousin, Amy Stewart, has a new book out called Wicked Plants: The Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother and other Botanical Atrocities, and she just happened to be in Seattle last night on her book signing tour.  Caroline stayed in her Bjorn through the whole lecture, and only made a small amount of noise during the presentation.  My sister, Emily, came over from Port Townsend, too, so it was a regular family reunion.  We got a photo of the four of us (only you can’t really see Caroline because she’s still in the Bjorn) that I will post later today (when I upload it from the camera).

Sadly, Caroline seems to have an eye infection.  She’s had a blocked tear duct all along (which apparently is super-common in babies and normally it repairs itself by the end of the first year), so her eye has been a little crusty since the beginning… but now it’s gross and goopy and swollen and red and generally nasty-looking.  We have an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow, but I’m hoping to get her in today to get some eye drops started.  It’s always something eh?


  1. Jonah loved the Baby Bjorn. We used it a ton that first year. When he got bigger he enjoyed being in that much more than riding in a shopping cart so that he could look out and at everything.
    As for her head falling over, we never had much luck with the head support that came with the car seat – it was just too big and did not hold his head in place. We bought the Eddie Bauer head support from Target and at the beginning used both cushion pieces and that supported his head VERY well and you didn’t have to worry about it falling over at all –

    Good luck and yes, it is always something. :) Hope the eye gets better

  2. Alexandra screamed bloody murder in the sling at first. Sometime between 1-2 months is when she started liking it. Until then we Baby Bjorn’d it. She now loves facing out in it. That’s actually how we grocery shop. As far as the tear duct – you probably have this figured out but our pediatrician told us to put a warm wash cloth on it a few times a day and to wipe the area. It cleared up in days. Caroline is definitely a cutie!! Enjoy every second of it because it goes by so fast. I can’t believe Allie is almost 4 months!

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