Posted by: Elizabeth | June 5, 2009

First Outfit

Way back when I was doing Christmas shopping for 2008, before we had started buying ANY baby stuff, when I was only about 3 months pregnant, I saw a onesie in a catalog that I just had to have.  It was from (which I LOVE – if you’re related to me, you might see many past Christmas/birthday gifts on their website), and was very simple: it was solid orange, and said “It was the dog” in white letters.  I’ve had this onesie in my house for a good six months now, and I still laugh every single time I look at it!

A couple of days ago, I got it out during my onesie size comparison (see prior post) and was horrified to see that it was nearly too short for Caroline already!  So I put it on her right away:

It was the dog.

It was the dog.

I had envisioned (since before Christmas) getting a hilarious photo of Caroline and Benji together, both looking innocent.  I tried it this week, and this is what I got:

Try #1

Try #1

Try #2

Try #2

I tried to get Benji to get closer to Caroline (who had to sit in that exact spot, or she’d fall over), but he wasn’t too fond of her screaming and promptly left the scene.  Needless to say, our photo shoot didn’t go precisely as planned.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.  I welcome your suggestions for captions for these two photos.  I’ve especially had fun trying to decide what Benji would be saying in both of them (if he could talk).

Here’s another cute one of Miss C sleeping to make up for the ugly faces above.  I’ve been trying to teach Caroline about offering people (and cameras) pretty faces vs. ugly faces, but so far she hasn’t quite caught on.  Thankfully, her default seems to be pretty cute:

Beating the heat on Mom and Dad's bed

Beating the heat on Mom and Dad's bed

[Yes, I know, they’re supposed to sleep on their backs… but she rolls over onto her side when we’re not looking.  She’s very sneaky that way.]

We also had a delightful dinner out with Steven’s parents on Wednesday night before they left to go back to Texas on Thursday morning.  The weather was PERFECT on the pier and we had a lovely table outside right by the water.  Couldn’t have been nicer.  Caroline, of course, slept through the whole meal in her car seat:

Sleeping at the Bell Street Diner

Sleeping at the Bell Street Diner

Today we finally got out of the house for a bit on our own (without going to the doctor’s office) and made our way up the street to our favorite local bakery, Sugar.  We got some fabulous chocolate chip cookies and a lovely cupcake to eat later this evening.  The weather has finally cooled off to a comfortable temperature so we’re not sweltering in our beds… and we’re looking forward to the weekend!

More adventures to come…


  1. i love uncommon goods too- i don’t know how we got on the mailing list, but it comes to our house every so often. I want to buy everything!! fyi they have a cute onesie right now that says ‘produced locally’ too cute!! love keeping up with your family from across the US!

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