Posted by: Elizabeth | June 4, 2009

Not so good…

Well, the two-week check-up didn’t go as well as we had hoped.  At her 5-day-old check-up, Caroline had dropped from her birth weight of 11 pounds down to 10 pounds, 5 ounces.  That’s a totally healthy drop, but the goal was to get back up to birth weight by the two-week mark.  At her check-up today, Caroline only weighed 10 pounds, 2 ounces.  No good.  It seems that our super-size baby has a super-size appetite, and this mom is only producing regular-size meals.  So Caroline’s not getting enough to eat, which makes her hungry and cranky.  We’re starting supplementing with formula today, and I’m working on scheduling with a lactation consultant to help us figure out what to do next.  It’d be super-nice if everyone in the baby/healthcare industry (except the formula people) didn’t try to convince you that if you don’t breastfeed your baby, she’ll be sickly and stupid and never reach her otherwise brilliant potential.  Perhaps breast IS best in general, but if you have a giant baby and you can’t make enough to fill her tummy… [I must note, though, that C is generally a healthy baby and doesn’t seem to have any problems except being a little hungry and therefore a little cranky.  Other than being too small (who knew?!), she got a good report.]

I did not get a length measurement for her, but we go back next week, so perhaps we’ll get an update then.  I tried to measure her with the measuring tape out of my knitting bag, but she’s too squirmy when she’s awake and too folded up when she’s sleeping to get an accurate measurement.  I tried three times and got three different lengths, all of which would have suggested that she had grown exponentially in the last two weeks (so I’m guessing they were inaccurate)!  We’ll have to wait until next week for that update…

To make matters worse, it’s near 90 degrees in Seattle today, and at least in the upper 80’s inside our apartment.  There is literally sweat dripping off my body as I sit at the dining room table to type this post (nice image, eh?).  Poor Benji just moves back and forth between sleeping in his bed (not cool) and sleeping on the bathroom floor (slightly cooler).  Caroline’s hair is all curled up in the back from being sweaty.  I had hoped we could take advantage of some air-conditioned businesses during this heat wave, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet, since Caroline eats every three hours and it usually takes her an hour to eat (and we’re not really good enough at it yet to just pop her under a little drape in public places), and then it takes her a while to gear down and go to sleep after that (and that generally involves at least minimal screaming, which the general public tends to dislike if not resent)… so we only get about an hour of quiet time out of every three hours, and that’s not really enough time to go out and enjoy ourselves and get back home to eat again.  Thankfully, though, the high tomorrow is only 78, and then in the high 60’s this weekend – what a relief!

I have been sitting here wondering why someone in Seattle doesn’t open an ice cream delivery business.  If they can deliver pizza to you and keep it hot until it gets to your door, surely they can deliver a nice ice cream cone and keep it cold… someone should start that business today and bring me some mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone. :)

No cute outfits to show you today – C’s just in her diaper, trying to stay cool…


  1. I’m also annoyed at all the people that say you HAVE to breast feed or else your baby will be bad in some way. I plan on saying, excuse me, I will do what feels right to me and what I’m capable of, thank you very much! I was bottle fed and look how I turned out! :)

    This heat is getting pretty annoying, our apartment is in the lower 80s and doesn’t cool off much at night, despite leaving the windows wide open… hopefully we’ll get some relief this weekend. Thanks for all the posts so far!

  2. Well, my little one is 25 today! but she was similar and went pretty quickly to the bottle. Honestly, she is doing pretty well :), and smart as a whip! And she slept through the night at a month….so there are some advantages to the bottle. Hope it is ok I wrote! She is gorgeous…Emily sent me the link :)
    Wendy Hill in ATL

  3. You need to do whatever you feel comfortable with and is best for you and Caroline. I have a couple of friends around here who had low milk supplies and stressed themselves out for awhile before switching.
    I would definitely see the lactation consultant just so you cover all options but ultimately it is what you are comfortable with and what is the most healthy for Caroline.

  4. So glad to discover your blog (through Liz’s blog… from Joni’s blog)! I’ll be checking it often to keep up with your adventures with cute Caroline. I think I would be in trouble if there were an ice cream delivery service. There is an ice cream truck that drives around our neighborhood and I do a pretty good job of keeping away from that, though.

    • I totally forgot about the ice cream truck! We used to sit in our driveway for what felt like hours waiting for the truck to get to our house so I could get that weird ice cream with the bubble gum in the bottom of the paper cone… I would SO run out to the street for the ice cream truck right now, and I’m certain I would make a better selection these days… :)

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