Posted by: Elizabeth | June 3, 2009

Baby Sizes

I think whoever does clothes sizing for women’s clothes also works for the baby clothes department of the world.  Why can these things not be based on something standard, like inches or pounds, rather than “months.”  I’ve complained about the randomness of women’s sizes for years, and now it seems I have entered another level of randomness with the baby’s clothes.

Yesterday I actually sat down next to Caroline’s open closet and got out a onesie (yes, I know “onesie” is actually a copyrighted name from Gerber, but I don’t know the generic name for those little snap-under-the-crotch t-shirts, so…) that actually fits Caroline and compared all the others in her closet to it to see which ones she can wear now, which ones are too big, etc., etc.  It turns out that she has 0-3 month clothes that fit, 3-6 month clothes that fit, some that just say “medium” or “large,” whatever that means… and some that act like they’ll be bigger (6-month or 3-6 month) that are way too small already.  These things are all different shapes, even – tons of them are SUPER-wide and not nearly long enough to actually snap over her diaper.  Is my child extraordinarily tall for her width?  Surely not…

Here’s an example:

Funny sizes

Funny sizes

The one on the left (super-cute with little monkeys!) is a 6-9 month, but is the same length (only wider) than the third one, which is a 3-month in another brand.  The second one (hot-pink) is a “medium,” which I’ve discerned is a 6-month.  This fits Caroline almost perfectly right now, and is appropriately long and skinny.  The third one is a 3-month, which Caroline can get into.  But it’s the same brand as the hot pink one – why is it wider if a smaller size?  The one on the right is a 3-6 month in another brand and is very nearly too small.  We only use these for pyjamas right now.  As if I didn’t have other things to do besides lay onesies out on the floor to compare sizes…  [If anyone’s interested, the things that fit best are from Carter’s and Baby Gap.  Most other things are too wide.]

I also noticed this morning a huge WARNING label in Caroline’s bassinet, letting me know that she shouldn’t use the bassinet after she is 15 pounds, can push up on her hands and knees, or is three months old, whichever comes first.  Who wants to guess which one is going to come first?

In other news, Caroline went on her first shopping trip and dinner out yesterday.  We walked (with our fantastic BOB stroller) downtown for me to pick up a few things, and Caroline did great.  Mostly slept, though she’s doing this thing where she throws her head forward every now and then and isn’t strong enough to pick it back up, so we have to constantly push her head back.  Afterward, we went to a family dinner with the Schindler grandparents, the Milans, and Aunt Chelsea at All-Purpose Pizza, where Caroline behaved (slept) beautifully again.  [Truth be told, Caroline didn’t actually eat pizza – she ate before we left home… and after we got back… and again a few hours after that…]

Today is Steven’s first day back at work, so Caroline and I are braving the heat on our own (high today in Seattle = 88 degrees.  Reminder: we don’t have air conditioning).  I hope Steven is enjoying his air conditioned office, but moreso that he’s staying awake after a wee bit of a rough night with the little girl.  I think Caroline and I will do her first book store and/or coffee shop outing this afternoon when the heat advisory goes into effect.  Tomorrow morning we have her two-week check-up, and I’ll be excited to post updates after that.  I hope the doctor will say we can let her sleep a bit longer at a time and stop waking her up so often to feed her… one can hope!

Here’s a shot from yesterday to make you smile.  Tie-dye outfit courtesy of Aunt Emily:

First Tie-Dye

First Tie-Dye

More soon.  Today Caroline is wearing her “It was the dog” t-shirt, so I’ll have to get a photo of that when she wakes up. :)



  1. She is precious….I remember making tye dye shirts myself in college!! I am so happy for all of you and Susan was thrilled that she got to see you all! Glad the bonnet wasn’t too small….they only come in One size….the size I make the hanky!! Give her a kiss for me. Carol

  2. You are cracking me up! Glad to see you’ve retained your sense of humor despite the sleeplessness (or perhaps because of it!). Give CS a kiss for me. Love! Liz

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