Posted by: Elizabeth | June 1, 2009

11 Days? Really?

I said before Caroline was born that I was going to start a new blog so everyone could keep up with her cuteness, or at least so I would have a place to deposit information about her firsts (since I haven’t started writing in her baby book yet… will get to that soon…).  And here it is June 1 and she’s already 11 days old!  Must do better.  For now, I’ll blame my lack of attention to the blog on the fact that I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in a row in the last two weeks.  That excuse should work for most things for the time being.

So, here goes: Caroline Alivia Schindler arrived on Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 8:11 a.m.  She was due on May 12, and had to be evicted (induced) from what I suppose was a very comfortable and cozy womb.  I “labored” for about 24 hours and pushed for the last 2.5 hours before delivering this 11-pound, 21.25-inch bundle of absolute perfection.  We had no idea she would be so large – and frankly, I’m glad I didn’t know before we started.  It wasn’t an easy delivery, but I’m just thankful that we’re both happy and healthy and recovering well with no real complications (well, Caroline broke her clavicle on the way out, but baby bones heal in about a week, so she’s already fine).

Parenthood is certainly an adventure.  The lack of sleep is alarming, but frankly it’s not as bad as I had feared.  I generally get 8 hours of sleep out of every 24, just no more than 2.5 or 3 hours at a time.  The fact that I provide 100% of the nourishment she needs from my own body is also staggering, though I must admit that breastfeeding is somewhat exhausting, particularly because Caroline spends 6-8 hours every day just eating.

In any case, we’re having a blast with our tiny girl.  She changes every day and delights us every day.  I’m amazed at how fast she’s growing and changing and how much she can already do.  At 11 days old, she’s doing a pretty good job of starting to hold her head up when she’s on her tummy, and she can just about roll halfway over from her belly or back to her side.  Her legs are especially strong, and if she has something to push against, she can push herself across a surface, though she can’t push up with her arms yet.  She’s also doing a great job of following things with her eyes, and she’s even reaching a bit for the little rings that hang from her new bouncy seat.  Smart girl!

Here are some photos from a few firsts these past few days:

First outing: to the pediatrician’s office in the stroller!  So glad the doctor’s office is only a few blocks away and we can walk in the sun.  Caroline loves the stroller, even with Seattle’s bumpy sidewalks!  And we are so glad we got the BOB – it’s big, but easy to maneuver and takes the bumpy sidewalks like a champ:

First Outing - Day 5

First Outing - Day 5

Social debut on Day 9: at Uncle John’s 40th birthday party in her adorable green party dress – with a doting Auntie Kim:

Social debut - Day 9

Social debut - Day 9

First trip to church at Seattle’s First UMC (where I am on leave from being an associate pastor) on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2009 – 10 days old.  Here we are in the car on the way, with Caroline holding my hand in the car seat (I sit in the back with her because Seattle’s streets are so steep her head falls over if we stop on an uphill):

On the way to church, holding Mom's hand

On the way to church, holding Mom's hand

Here’s Caroline with the sign outside church:

First Church service - Pentecost Sunday - May 31, 2009 - 10 days old

First Church service - Pentecost Sunday - May 31, 2009 - 10 days old

She did GREAT at church.  We sat in the back on the end in case we needed to run to the cry room during prayers or something, but she hardly uttered a peep and slept through the whole service.  She was equally amenable to being stared out as she “met” most of the congregation during coffee hour after church, and didn’t start screaming until we got in the car (it was lunch time!).  Here’s Caroline tuckered out after church, looking adorable in her polka dots at 10 days old:

First Church service - tuckered out - 10 days old

First Church service - tuckered out - 10 days old

After church, our friend Josie came to take photos of our darling girl for her birth announcements.  Josie did an AMAZING job with our pre-baby pregnant couple photos, so we are super-excited about seeing the baby photos.  Here’s a preview that Josie posted on facebook.  I LOVE it, but am shocked and a little sad about how OLD Caroline looks here, though she’s only 10 days old!

10 days old

10 days old

We can’t wait to share more of these when we get them back from Josie!

In other news, I’m wearing a size medium t-shirt today: huge triumph after raiding my husband’s closet for t-shirts for the last few months!  It’s not exactly roomy, but it fits, so I’ll take it.  It’ll still be quite a while before I can wear normal-people shorts/pants, but I’ll give myself a little time on that one.

Okay – enough for today.  Thanks for reading.  I’ll try my best to keep it interesting!


  1. You did a beautiful job with your first posting, Elizabeth. Thanks so much for all of the details. I look forward to continuing to get to ‘know’ Caroline through this wonderful medium. You remain in my prayers!

  2. Dearest E, S, and Caroline! I loved having the quiet this morning to read the blog and just dote over your precious baby. Fb just seems so overwhelming sometimes with all the action but this was special. Thank you for sharing–I love seeing and hearing about your life as new parents and watching that beautiful baby actually grow right before my eyes. We love you, rejoice with you and miss you! Well, my quiet is over–the boys are awake and running down the hall looking for me. It’s not exactly the pitter patter of little feet that it once was but it is music to my ears just the same. Love you all and thanks for the blog!!

  3. Adorable! She is beautiful, love the pictures and everything you have written. The blog is smart, you can record your thoughts now and go back in a few…or 4…or 6 months when you can string two thoughts together and see how you were feeling and THEN put it in the baby book. :o) She is just beautiful, can’t wait to read more as she grows.

  4. 24 hours of labor? Wow, you are Wonder Woman! She is just too beautiful for words.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    I loved reading this! She is just beautiful. I am really happy for you! I look foward to hearing more about how she is doing! Congrats to you and Steven!

  6. i love the blog! Caroline will have a wonderful memoir from this!

  7. Elizabeth, this is Amanda (Bradley) Estes from Hughes Springs. I just wanted to say Congratulations to you and Steve and welcome to the blog world! Caroline is so beautiful! Please tell Chelsea hello for me too! God Bless!

  8. Not that I’m biased of course, but Caroline is stunningly beautiful. And so serious! Can’t wait to see you all again soon.

  9. What a great idea to have a blog for sweet Caroline! I’m sure this will be especially helpful with so much family out of state. And I noticed our blog is listed under your “Friends Blog List”! What an honor!

    Let me know when you and Steven are available sometime (I know you’re both exhausted and busy!) and we can get together and catch up!

    PS: 24 hours of labor for an 11 lb baby sounds like a LOT of work! Congratulations to both of you again!

  10. Elizabeth, Steven,
    Caroline is an absolute marvel. This blog gives us all an incredible window through which to see Caroline when we can’t see you guys as much as we’d like… Many blessings to all three of you on your adventure!

  11. Hi y’all! Love the blog and the chance to get to know sweet Caroline! We are also fans of BOB strollers, swaddling, and also perplexed by baby clothes sizes. (do you have any of the gerber brand onesies 0-3 mo then 3-9 mo are the sizes? the 3-9 mo are practically newborn/0-3 sized, weird!).

    anyway, take care and look fwd to hearing about your adventures!
    Joni & her 3 boys!

  12. What a wonderful blog for an absolutely beautiful baby. I’ll bet Caroline loves reading this someday. I’ve really been feeling homesick for her lately, and thank GOODNESS we will be back there very soon. She changes so quickly. And how precocious she is at turning over!

    Truly it is a wonderful treat to get to experience these events with you through your blog. Thank you!


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